Window Replacement

  1. PREMIUM VINYL PROFILES will never pit, peel or flake and are virtually maintenance-free.
  2. FUSION-WELDED FRAME and SASH features mitered, welded corners for airtight construction, strength and weather resistance.
  3. DUAL AIR LOCKS Latch mechanism on the interior face of the sash which retains the window in a partially open position for ventilation.
  4. FLUSH MOUNT TILT LATCHES are easily accessible and provide a smooth interior appearance.
  5. DUAL CAM LOCKS provide necessary protection against forced entry.
  6. LAP-LOK® MEETING RAIL overlaps and interlocks sash for a tighter seal against air infiltration.
  7. TILT-IN, LIFT-OUT SASH that can be tilted to the interior and removed for cleaning and is manufactured by welding.
  8. FIN SEAL weatherstripping creates multiple barriers against air infiltration.
  9. ¾" CONSTANT FORCE COIL SPRING BALANCE SYSTEM allows the sash to raise and lower with ease, and will never need adjustment.
  10. CONTOURED EXTRUDED LIFT RAILS are molded into the sash itself for lifetime performance.
  11. TRIPLE STEPPED SIMONTON SILL (on Double Hung windows) is angled in a downward direction to force water away from the window.
  12. ¾" INSULATING GLASS UNIT helps provide proven barriers against heating and cooling loss through the window surface.
  13. INTERCEPT SPACER employs a U-channel design to reduce conduction paths and improve thermal dynamics.
  14. STANDARD LOW E/ARGON-filled glass provides maximum energy efficiency.
  15. Options include: 1” Glass Package w/SuperSpacer, Triple Pane Glass Package, Tempered, Obscure or Tinted Glass, Tan or Driftwood Interior/Exterior.

  16. Visit our design gallery for decorative options that fit your style.

  1. Fusion-welded frame and sash provide solid, airtight construction.
  2. Integral screen track is molded into the window frame, eliminating unsightly edge lines.
  3. Sloped sill on Double Hung window slopes downward to direct water away from the window.
  4. Overlapping and interlocking meeting rail seals both sash into a tight formation that helps protect againstair infiltration.
  5. Both operable sash on Double Hung windows tilt in and lift out for easy cleaning.
  6. Insulating glass units provide excellent barriers against heating and cooling loss through the window surface.
  7. Intercept spacer system employs a U-shaped design to reduce conduction paths and improve thermal dynamics.
  8. Contoured extruded lift rails are molded into the sash, providing improved ergonomics anddurability.
  9. Single air latch allows the window to be partially opened for ventilation.
  10. Sash alignment system on Double Hung windows creates perfect alignment between sash and frame for smooth operation.


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